The charity wine designed by David Bowie for Gandia Pla becomes an object of worship and collectibles


[Img #20798]The wine company has assured that with the disappearance of the musician of Brixton the bottles in which there appears a vest that remembers the front page of his album ‘Aladdin Sane’ ” they have turned into object of worship ” between his followers, and the director of communication of the company, Carlos García, it has recognized EFE that has returned ” to generate demand immediately after his death “.

” Many people know that this bottle existed and there is the one who would like to have it, but already we do not still have them in the warehouse “, has reported García, who has made clear that the original price of the product was ” 7 Euros ” and that the last wine with Bowie’s design sold two years after his launch. The wine, which for Vicente Gandía is already ” a collector’s valued piece “, could be acquired in big surfaces, though also it was  sold ” to other 20 countries besides Spain ” thanks to the clients’ network of the company, it has specified EFE García. The limited series of Bowie was forming a part of a solidary project inside the campaign ‘ Whatwever it Takes ‘, in which more than 700 celebrities of all the areas donated a self-portrait drawn by them themselves that was including a message of hope. Solidary wine David Bowie Gandia Pla warehouses Vicente Gandía contributed to the initiative with this limited edition of wines that also was possessing the image of famous others as the actors George Clooney and Pierce Brosnan, the group Coldplay or the actresses Penélope Cruz y Charlize Theron.

The variety of wine chosen for Bowie’s design was the shiraz, whereas he competed for the verdejo for Penélope Cruz’s image, the champaign brut for Theron, the tempranillo for Brosnan and the cabernet for Clooney. The director of communication of the wine company has reported that every personality was deciding to what charitable organization it was donating the benefits, and that Bowie chose the NGO ‘ Save the Children ‘. Finally, it has made clear that the project was forcing them ” to give a minimum of 525.000 Euros to solidary projects ” but that they overcame ” this minimum ” and even they contributed, of parallel form, a quantity of the collection to House Charity of Valencia.