Teulada Moraira Lions present a tribute to “Take That”


[Img #20580]OK Gentlemen – it’s time to score some brownie points with your better half !
We concede the point – Boy Bands, with their beautifully choreographed moves on stage; carefully coiffed hair; buffed skin; and tight buns tend to attract more of female following and so this concert may not, at first glance, set a chap’s pulses racing. BUT, for those of you who have yet to learn that, strange as it may seem, really useful gifts such as vacuum cleaners, power washers, toasters and kettles are not really looked upon by your wives / partners / girlfriends / significant others as “proper” Christmas presents; or even worse, you hesitated that fatal nanosecond too long before answering the age old question “Does my bum look big in this?”, the purchase of a couple of tickets could see the beginnings of a thaw in the permafrost.

And, go on, admit it, YOU ARE GOING TO SECRETLY ENJOY THIS CONCERT! You may well put on your best long-suffering look and expel your deepest sigh of resignation as you make it clear that you’re sacrificing a whole evening in front of the tv for the benefit of your loved one, but not for nothing have Take That been an integral part of UK pop culture for a phenomenal 25 years and counting! Their talent is very real – remember their cover version of The BeeGees “How Deep Is Your Love”?. Take That managed what the brothers Gibb could not – they took it to Number 1 (and kept it there for three weeks). The original only made it as far as Number 3.

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And the Tribute Band being brought to Moraira by T.M. Lions do full justice to the music of Take That. Those of you who have been to an “Il Divo Appreciation Tribute Band” Concert know the quality of the sound they produce and their lead singer, David Meyor, is also one of the voices of “”Take That” Tribute Band In Benidorm”!

So, to redeem yourself, buy your loved one the biggest bar of chocolate you can find and then book your seats for this one by contacting T.M. Lions Event Coordinator, by telephone on (0034) 966 491 917 or email colinlilley1424@gmail.com. Tickets are priced at just 15 euros – and you know it’s going to be a great evening.

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